Ralf Isau is mainly known for his fantastic novels. Some call his books  "pure fantasy", others think they are a category in its own right which doesn't submit to any known pattern ...

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You've just landed on Ralf Isau's homepage, a German novel writer. My books are more than novels, they are phantagons: I tell stories that fascinate and captivate myself. I write about subjects that I deem important. Many aspects in my novels may appear to be fantastic but whoever walks through this world with open eyes will discover miracles that are much greater than some author's fantastic creations. This is the sense in which I understand my fantasy as a bridge to the wonders of the real world.

Unfortunately, on the English part of my website only a few crumbs of information are available in your language. There may be a little more in the future. Look at the menu on the left for the English site navigation.

Just come closer. I welcome you to my universe.


Ralf Isau


About Ralf Isau

»Ralf Isau, the new master of fantasy after Michael Ende.«
Sankei Spytsu, 06/2001

»Ralf Isau, Germany's standard-bearer for fantasy literature.«
Asahi Shinbun, 06/2001

»Ralf Isau's books are hugely worthwhile reading for teenagers of both sexes - and not only for them. Simply because he uses his fantasy worlds as a mirror of our own world - because he relates old myths, fairy tales and sagas to here and now does he impressively demonstrate what the messages contained in these legends still have to tell us today.«
Eselsohr, 3/2000, by Hildegart Radebold

About »The Circle of the Dawn«

»He fascinates and thrills young people.«
EL PAIS (Spain), 2003

»Ralf Isau's stories are written in a very literary style and they have a message to tell us. They are innovative, unusual, and his books follow in the tradition of such great German writers as Michael Ende.«
ABC (Spain), 2003

»A series of quality - but don't read it until you can get hold of the final volume, otherwise the suspense of waiting will be too much.«
Frankfurter Rundschau,
8.11.2000, by Simone Leinkauf

»A case for the German Youth Literature Prize.«
Schweizer Bibliotheksdienst

»A sensational book - one to make learning history a joy. Congratulations!«
Amazon reader's review

About »The Dreams of Jonathan Jabbok«

»Ralf Isau, who in Germany is generally regarded as being Michael Ende's successor, has now had a breakthrough in Japan with his novel Jonathan Jabbok, which has now sold 40,000 copies.« [Remark: Since the beginning of 2002  250,000 copies have been sold in Japan only!]
Yomiuri Shinbun,

»As a fantasy novel of greater literary worth than the popular Harry Potter series. A book we hope finds many readers!«
Shizuoka Shinbun, 12/2000


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+++ 08.08.2007
In spring 2008 Ralf Isau will publish a novel about Minik. The Inuk (Eskimo) has been brough together with his father and friends to New York City by the arctic explorer Robert E. Peary in 1896. Minik - An den Quellen der Nacht (»Minik - At the Founts of the Night«) tells the moving story of a life between two totally different worlds.
+++ 08.08.2007
Asunaro Shobo (Tokyo) brings out Die unsichtbare Pyramide (»The Invisibly Pyramid«) in Japanese Language.


Oktober 2007:
Première of the novel Die Dunklen (»The Darks«) in Weimar.

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